D365 Typescript

In this series I’ll try to cover the basics of using Typescript to develop Web Resources for Dynamics 365. The opinions within this series are my own and at no point do I claim to be a master. Lots of what I’ll talk about is based on my own experience and learning. I may have done some things badly and if so I’m all ears!

My reasons for writing this series are based on past experience where projects have been plagued with badly written JavaScript. Typescript goes some of the way to helping developers write well structured syntactically correct JavaScript. Add to that Unit Testing, Automated Deployment, Telemetry and Logging, and you have yourself a much more robust, maintainable and supportable set of JavaScript web resources.

The series will cover the following:

  • A basic config for Typescript development
  • Type declarations for D365
  • Use of Webpack and Babel
  • Using ES Modules
  • Debugging and Source Maps
  • Unit Testing
  • ESLint
  • TypeDoc
  • Integrating Azure App Insights
  • Automating deployment
  • Some methods and patterns of my own
  • and maybe more…

Hopefully it will provide the knowledge for others to adopt similar approaches to developing and maintaining JavaScript web resources within D365.

Anyway, enough of my waffle! Go and check out the series here.